Rental McELROY PP-RCT Fusion Machines

Socket Fusion 20mm-63mm

Acrobat 160

Data Logger 6

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Socket Kit 20mm-125mm

Spider 63mm-125mm

Polygon 4 Jaw 63mm-160mm

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Hornet 20mm-63mm

Acrobat 250 63mm-250mm
​Smart Fab 20mm-125mm

McELROY Distributor

PPR Fusion Equipment

​Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington 

Teel BQ PP-RCT pipes and fittings are manufactured from Borealis Superior Polypropylene Random Crystallinity Temperature resins.  Its physical and chemical properties make Teel BQ PP-RCT a versatile piping system in a wide range of applications in different industries.
Applications Include:

Hot and Cold Potable Water, Hydronic Heating, Chilled Water, Process Water, Industrial Applications, Compressed Air, Food Processing, Geothermal, Hydrocarbons, Chemicals, Rainwater, Gray Water and Reclaimed Water.