McElroy Fusion Equipment
Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE)(MDPE)
HDPE Fittings- Molded and Fabricated

Polymate Fittings
Conduit Pipe
Pipe Star Long Radius Sweeps 
HDPE Manholes and Custom Structures
Polypropylene Pipe (PP-RCT)
PP-RCT Fittings
Mustang Squeeze Tools
Electrofusion Equipment
Electrofusion Fittings
Power Blankets

Tracer Wire
Transition Fittings
Pulling Heads
Perforated HDPE Pipe
Pipeline Marker Posts/Caution Tape
Spooling Trailers
Bead Removers
Poly Valves

Compression Fittings

Steel Pipe (ERW, Casing, Tubing)
Steel Valves

Pigging Products

Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe

Multiquip Generators
Light Plants

Lint Free Alcohol Wipes

Cradles and Rollie slings
Plastic Pipe Stands
‚ÄčLocators/Holiday Detectors