​Call for sizes

​16" SDR11

​over 9,000 Linear Feet of SDR 11 and SDR 9 HDPE 30” pipe available

Other Items for Sale

​Used Data Logger 6​​

EF Machines (Central and Friatec/IPEX)
EF Scrapers

4" & 6" McELROY Hot Tap Tools

​Surplus HDPE (email for Sizes)

​Surplus HDPE Fittings

​Pipe Stands - #28

All Items can be Picked up in Billings, MT or can be Shipped. you pay Freight


Surplus HDPE Fittings

​all Sizes - call for info

12" Tees, Fa and Rings, MJs

16" Tees, Reducing Tees

Caution Tape

Tracer Wire

12" Long Radius Sweeps SDR11

​12" Gate Valves

Long Radius Sweeps SDR13.5  (3" -10")

8x4 Molded Reducing Tees SDR11

Reducers- all sizes

​Lateral Wyes- all sizes

See Pics Below


McELROY 6" Hot Tap Tool with 3", 4" and 6" Cutters


McELROY 4" HDPE Hot Tap Tool $3000.00

Friamat/IPEX EF Machine, needs Calibrated


If you have Fusion Equipment or HDPE Pipe or Fittings you want to sell just send us info and Pics.

8x4 Molded Reducing Tee SDR11 Surplus-$40.00 Each have about 75 of them

If you have something your looking for, let us know.