Barton Chart Recorders (2) 200.00 Each

Friatec HDPE Scraper FWSG 630
Used/ needs repairs
$50.00 plus Freight

Surplus HDPE Fittings

​all Sizes - call for info

Long Radius Sweeps SDR13.5  (3" -12")

12" Transitions SDR11 Poly Cam

See Pics Below

2 - Spooling Trailers 2500.00 Each OBO

McELROY 824/1236 Pipe Stands 4 left 600.00 Each

12" SDR11 Transitions 300.00 each  (17 Total) in Williston, ND

If you have Fusion Equipment or HDPE Pipe or Fittings you want to sell just send us info and Pics.

If you have something your looking for, let us know.

McELROY Rolling 412

Email for Info.

Threading Hubs, around 30 of them. 50.00 for all plus Freight.

Central EF Machine - 1750.00 with Pelican Case


100' - 24" SDR17    30.00 a foot

​48" Pipe and Fittings

All Items can be Picked up in Billings, MT or can be Shipped. you pay Freight

New Pipe Line Markers
66" Flex-Tough 

320 Total - Blue -7.00 Each

24" SDR17 x 50' Joints (100') 30.00 a foot 

McELROY 824/1236 Spreader Bar 100.00 OBO

IPEX Re Rounding Tool, has 20" DIPS Inserts in it. 500.00 OBO

Strongbridge EF Processor (New) Needs Recalibrated - $ 1500.00 OBO

Lots of Strongbridge/Tega EF Couplings 2" to 16" on SALE - SDR11 and Some SDR7

all must go.

Other Items for Sale

Data Loggers 5 and 6s

Mustang Manual Squeeze Tools 6" and 8"

#14 Pitbull Fusion Machines

​Rolling #28

​Rolling #412


EF Machines (Central and Friatec/IPEX)
EF Scrapers

4" Hot Tap Tool

​Surplus HDPE (email for Sizes)

​Surplus HDPE Fittings

​Pipe Stands - #28 

Re Rounding Tool

Used Connectra  Parts, Clamp Knobs and Eyebolts, inserts, Jaws, some New
call if your looking for something.

NEW - Made by Specified Fittings

8" SS Flanged x 6" SDR7 HDPE Transitions

Have 6 in Stock - 400.00 each plus Freight