If you have Fusion Equipment or HDPE Pipe or Fittings you want to sell just send us info and Pics.

New Pipe Line Markers
66" Flex-Tough 

320 Blue
10.00 Each

Friatec HDPE Scraper FWSG 630
Used/ needs repairs
$300.00 plus Freight

Used Top Load Tool


8" SS Flanged x 6" SDR7 HDPE

Have 6 in Stock - 500.00 each plus Freight

Used Connectra  Parts, Clamp Knobs and Eyebolts, inserts, Jaws, some New
call if your looking for something.

All Items can be Picked up in Billings, MT or can be Shipped. you pay Freight

Other Items for Sale

Squeeze Tools

2LC Fusion Machine

EF Scrapers
​Inserts (all Sizes)

​Surplus HDPE (email for Sizes)

If you have something your looking for, let us know.

This used Delta 630 AT originally built in 2013 was purchased back by Ritmo SPA and reconditioned in March of 2016.  $85,000.00 FOB Lake Wales, FL. Price includes a full set of IPS Inserts and 1 year warranty. Has 635 hours of use.

Email me for more info,