8" SS Flanged x 6" SDR7 HDPE Transitions

Have 6 in Stock - 500.00 each plus Freight

Used Connectra  Parts, Clamp Knobs and Eyebolts, inserts, Jaws, some New
call if your looking for something.

Other Items for Sale

Squeeze Tools

#14 Pitbull Fusion Machines

EF Scrapers
​Inserts (all Sizes)

​Surplus HDPE (email for Sizes)

​Surplus HDPE Fittings

All Items can be Picked up in Billings, MT or can be Shipped. you pay Freight

24" SDR17 x 50' Joints (300')

8" SDR13.5 Surplus Pipe (840') 40' Joints

Friatec HDPE Scraper FWSG 630
Used/ needs repairs
$300.00 plus Freight

If you have Fusion Equipment or HDPE Pipe or Fittings you want to sell just send us info and Pics.

Used Top Load Tool


​840' - 8" SDR13.5

300' - 24" SDR17


Surplus HDPE Fittings

​all Sizes - call for info

Long Radius Sweeps SDR13.5  (3" -10")

12" Transitions SDR11

New Pipe Line Markers
66" Flex-Tough 

320 - Blue
10.00 Each

12" SDR11 TRansitions 500.00 each (19 Total)

If you have something your looking for, let us know.